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Why Use Willow?

Going back to work, or simply entrusting your child with someone else can be a very hard thing to do.  Willow makes that transition as easy as possible, working with you to help find that perfect childcare solution!  


I understand only all to well from both sides how important it is to be fully informed, and so I not only offer support throughout the entire recruiting process but ongoing support to both families and candidates alike.  


What you can expect from Willow throughout the whole recruiting process:

  1. An initial phone conversation to discuss the exact needs and expectations you may have.  If this is your first time employing someone then I will run over everything with you.  For example, what you can expect from your nanny/maternity nurse, pay, tax and NI, holiday pay, taking your nanny on holiday with you, nanny shares, babysitting - anything you are unsure of I will go over with you and explain how it all works.
  2. I will then supply you with CV's and information documents of 3-4 candidates' I feel meet the needs and specifics you are looking for.  I believe in not bombarding you with CV's and to only put forward candidates who I feel do meet the criteria.
  3. Once deciding whom you would like to meet in person, I will arrange an interview with the candidate's on your behalf at a time and place that works for you.  Before an interview takes place you will receive a information document, which has some tips and general info on interviewing candidate's - techniques, things to think about and questions to ask.  
  4. I will always have a debrief with you after each interview, just answer any further questions and take on board any feed back you may have regarding the candidate.
  5. If you have not already done so in the first interview, the next step is to then introduce the candidate's you feel are a good fit, to your husband/partner and children.  Again this is something I can arrange for you.
  6. Once deciding on a candidate you wish to employ, we can get the ball rolling on organising the finer points of the job such as a start date, contract etc.  Willow will again supply you with an information document which clarifies all you need you know to make sure both client and candidate get off on the right foot as well as a contract template made specific to your job.  
  7. Especially throughout the first month I stay in regular contact with both the client and the candidate to make sure things are running smoothly.  You have four weeks probationary period with the candidate themselves where if you feel things are not working out then you only have to give one weeks notice.  With Willow itself; you get eight weeks to make sure you are completely happy with your choice of candidate.  (see Terms and Conditions for full details)

Willow prides itself in being completely available and feel it's important to know that help and support is just a phone call away.