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TROUBLE SHOOT - Having trouble getting your child to sleep through the night?  Read on to find out how Willow can help...


If you have a child who is a problem sleeper then Willow can most certainly help.  Lizzie here offers a Sleep Training Troubleshoot Service where she comes into your home for five nights and can guarantee that by the end of those five nights you will have a child who has not only improved their sleeping patterns, but is a happier little person as a result


Lizzie has worked with a number of families to help them acheive this.  

I use a simple approach to sleep training.  I aim to equip parents with the tools and knowlege to continue with the programme and help them feel a lot more confident.  


If you child is over six months of age then Lizzie can help.  By all means give her a call on 2008 7883 029 to discuss in more depth the process and have answered any questions you may have relating to Sleep Training.


Here are some testimonies of previous clients...

"I cannot recommend Lizzie highly enough.  Both my husband and I instantly felt at ease with her and were impressed by her professionalism and firm but fair approach to task.  Lizzie was incredibly supportive throughout the process.  When she wasn't with us, she was in contact via phone or text, to answer any questions we had.  Before Lizzie sleep trained my daughter she was waking every 2-3 hours and being fed back to sleep.  After two nights, she was sleeping 9-10 hour stretches and by the last night, she was sleeping 11-12 hours.  My daughter has continued to sleep through the night since that day."

N. Hill - child aged 8 months


"She has a really warm personality and made us feel at ease with what was to come, explaining how she was going to go about it.  It was not easy, but we jointly taught our son to fall asleep by himself.  Best of all, he seems much happier and more independent during the day as well."

J. Giese - child aged 2 years


Who knew one woment could have such a positive impact on my son's sleep in the space of four days!  Our nine month old boy was waking up 8-10 times a night.  Having Lizzie for those four nights was like having a really supportive friend who knew what she's doing.  She is very warm and could easily relate to our concerns, being a mum herself.  Lizzie was at hand to support us following the consultation period, answering questions that arose and reassured us when we've been uncertain what to do.  As a result I feel very refreshed and hence a better mother."

N. Azimian - child aged 9 months